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Welcome to our D-day tours website

Operating across the Normandy peninsula and staying in an 18th century chateau that was the headquarters of the gestapo during the occupation, we take groups of motorcyclists on guided tours throughout the region. Each day we visit sites of historical interest, fantastic visitors centres, gun emplacements and major sites of battle on D-day that changed Europe for ever including the infamous beaches.

Knowledgeable guides will give you the low-down on what happened and why; with insight that brings the whole event to life for you.

Never ridden abroad before?

This trip is perfect for you as we “hold your hand” from arrival to departure. We assist you with the ferry, guide you as to what to pack and the “Follow the leader” way we work removes any stress or anxiety and makes it simple, easy and fun.

Interested in the D-day landings or the “Band of Brothers” TV series?

With genuine in-depth knowledge of the action in the area, your guides will tell you about each place you visit and bring the action to life.

“You’ve seen the movies -  now visit the set”!

Take a look around the site and if you would like to join us on an upcoming tour, please use the form on the “enlist” page.

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Normandy D-Day Tours

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